eleanorj92: Maid of Honour & Best Man πŸ’‘πŸ’•

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Sooooo… The weather?

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Anonymous: omggg imagine harry's lips after making out with him for a while



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4 years of Harry Styles

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I bet Niall has aΒ scrapbook titled β€˜My Brothers’ filled with selfies of him with his boys

and not a single picture of Greg

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@Louis_Tomlinson: Me and the little lad :)

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Anonymous: Did you see someone posted the seating arrangements from the wedding and zayn and perrie were supposed to be there damn


Oh my god ..


when you crop out the microphone :(



this is their hottest group picture

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never forget #australiazarry

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reasons why harry styles is better than your faves

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The boys at a nightclub in Cardiff 02/03/13Β X

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Remember when harry was white